DIY Outdoor Activities For Kids

by Michelle White on April 11, 2014

outdooract DIY Outdoor Activities For Kids

Here in Charlotte, North Carolina, the weather has been phenomenally perfect lately; ideal for any type of outdoor play for you and your little loves. Regardless of where you live, whether it be a suburban or rural neighborhood — we have a few unique activity ideas that are sure to become instant favorites!

1. Create Rainbow Glitter Sidewalk Paint.

2. Purchase a large, stand-up canvas or foam-core posterboard. Set up against a tree or on an easel outdoors, and provide your little one with plenty of paintbrushes and washable acrylic paint. Dip feathers, leaves, rocks, or grass into the paint for added texture. Let their imagination and creativity soar!

3. Embark on a nature scavenger hunt. Make a list of some things to find outside — the largest, most uniquely-shaped leaf, a feather, flowers of a certain color, a cloud in a specific shape, etc. — and see who is the first to cross everything off their list! Don’t forget to bring along the nature reference guides, as well as sketch pads and colored pencils to illustrate their findings.

4. Plant a mini porch garden. Pick up seeds for a few small items (tomatoes, herbs, or flowers), as well as some clay pots and potting soil. Teach your children the wonder of cultivating a seed into a plant! Water daily, and watch them sprout.

5. Refine your toddler’s fine motor skills and teach them about texture, taking water play to a whole new level with this DIY Water Wall activity.

6. Bend metal wire clothes hangers into various shapes. Pour soapy water (Dawn works best) into a large, shallow dish (or a paint roller pan). Wave in the air to create large, beautiful bubbles!

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